The neverending story

Radio Oltrepo Pavese Sunflowers Station, is a personal No Profit Webradio, born in 2004. The programming alternates an accurate and careful musical selection (Electronic, Italian independent music, Hip Hop, Indie, Lounge, Dance, Rock, Chillout (or chill- out), Ambient, Pop, Jazz, Old Jazz, Instrumental, Urban, Noise, Downtempo, Classical Music, Talk archive documents). It is quiet relaxing at night. The musical carpet will be interspersed with live broadcast, spoken broadcasts and spoken archive documents (especially at night). After that, we can define Radio Oltrepo Pavese “Sunflowers Station” as a local Varuis and Adult contemporary radio. Finally, we have given you all the relevant information, you just have to listen to the RADIO. Seriously, press play and make yourself comfortable, the journey has just begun!

Yellow Team

The radio staff is as follows: Andrea (Il Mangia), Matteo (PJ), Claudio (the Somali), Claudio (Don Cloud), Marco (Nicio), Giovanni (Gio ‘). These friends and other friends, acquaintances, had fun with their voice to create the radio identifiers (ID Station, Jingles, Promo …) For example our friend Matteo (PJ) sent us a voice message where he remembers the name and the of our radio slogan . Why don’t you do it too? Send your ID of our radio (ID Station, Jingles, Promo ..) to the number 00393774563033 (whatsapp). You will hear it on the air!


Radio Oltrepo Pavese Sunflowers Station does not broadcast COMMERCIAL RADIO SPOTS. As for the profits, ROP cannot make profits, commercial profits. In particular, if you want to make a small donation for the Radio, you can use the following forms of payment.

Paypal : paypal.me/AMangiarotti
Postepay : 4023 6009 6984 3012

Thank you so much.


Since 2004 our Radio has been broadcasting copyleft free music

After a careful evaluation of the work, we try as far as possible to please everyone, we receive a lot of programming requests from artists or independent labels from all over the world, the songs are broadcast by us for promotional purposes.


Radio Oltrepo Pavese Sunflowers Station
Live Streaming from Broni Italy
WhatsApp + 39 3774563033
Mail radio(et)mangiarotti.org
The station manager andreamangiarotti.com
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